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The world is changing.

Traditional ways of communication are insufficient to lots of cases.That’s why we have a structure to serve more than what our client needs. While most of agencies are structured around their own interests, not their clients, at Phoinikas, we provide solution structured by our client needs. We believe that communication with the right consumer insight information is the most important factor to build business and brands in Digital Era. To deliver this, we create integrated service across our group for aggressive price control, innovation, and creative, including traffic and production management


is a new type of integrated services of marketing communication. we’re structuring to cover all of the client marketing needs as well as services in other areas, from Data Analysis – Insight and Strategic Planning development up to creative and Content Production.

We are specializing

We are specialising in reflecting our client needs into fully practical integrated marketing plan and execution. Why can we do this? Our people are possess with various experiences, strategy, creative, design, programming, social media, and etc, hence together we deliver the best solution to our clients.

Our Awesome Team

Our 6 specialised teams are to reflect our client needs and to customise the service as per inquiries.

Phoinikas Co., Ltd & Area 39 offers team of more than 40 professionals from well-known international agencies to 6 specialised departments.

Our Service

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Strategy and analytics

Our strategic team is focusing on people insight and target behaviour. We match your brand passion to customer passion with the target touchpoint.

Creative and Production

Our team is the legendary designer and programmer in digital industry. We create the best digital production, that are creative and usable to customer.

Digital Design and Production

Translate the theme into the language of your choice.

Social Media and Content Management

With Social Media and Content Management, we can connect your brand or product to digital people touchpoint. We help you to say and connect to people with the right thing at the right time at the right places.


Our search and SEO specialist will provide the best solution for your online search fulfilment. We have the same goal with our clients by make our target site to be in search ranking.


Our media specialist work closely with you to provide the best result for your fulfilment on your offline and online Advertising objective. Our goal is simple : Use an reasonable budget in the best result.

Crisis Management

Negative Voice in online? Don’t worry! we will handle all of negative voice for you by immediately respond to the negative feedback target. We will monitor, report and first aid of your online problem in 24/7.


– Muangthai Life Insurance
– Krating Deang
– Maisen
– Central World
– Sparkle
– GMMz
– The Body Shop
– Topcharoen
– Suzuki
– Pure (บ้านกรองน้ำ)
– KimberlyClark Professional

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